We make the connection

Underbold® is a patented product for soil stabilisation which allows the base construction of roads, car parks and airports or other transport routes without the need for a very cost-intensive soil substitution.

It achieves a higher compressive strength when compared to conventional road construction methods, which will soon be a thing of the past.

The use of Underbold® opens up many new prospects. Underbold® consists of 100 % organic substances and is biodegradable. It makes soil extremely easy to bind and is water repellent. We therefore achieve better durability because the product prevents water infiltration.

Logistics work is drastically reduced because gravel, sand or other materials are no longer needed to replace the soil. Underbold® also contributes towards a significant reduction in environmental pollution by reducing CO2 emissions; no unnecessary quarrying or wasting of natural stone. Environmental resources are therefore spared.




Underbold® can be used for almost every type of soil. Processing can be carried out worldwide by subcontractors or local companies. They are given a professional induction and training by our staff in advance.

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